Saturday, September 25, 2010

malay also can be a Billionaire

Everyone is welcome to add the names of any Malay whose total assets amount to USD1 billion or greater.
Since financial informations of private assets are very hard to come by, your can back up your arguments based on whatever pertinent evidence you have.
These are the richest Malays I have discovered so far.
1) Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary
51% of MMC worth around US$2 billion.
His stakes in MARDEC, DRB Hicom, Rangkai Positif, Bernas, Bank Muamalat, Senai Airport, Tradewinds Corporation, Albukhary Foundation and other listed and unlisted companies is worth another US$2 billion or $3 billion.
2) Daim Zainuddin
Investments in power generation,coal mining,oil and gas spread over Indonesia, Africa and Central Asia . At this point I still couldn’t find any information on these businesses to evaluate the size and equity participation; but Daim’s reputation alone is enough to make me believe these energy investments are worth billions of dollars.
3) Halim Saad
His wholly owned oil company Markmore Energy has a 55% interest in a 900 million barrels African oil field. His share of 500 million barrels would be worth not less than $3 billion. Once his 200,000 ton biodiesel plant and his construction firm Metro Ikram are in full swing, his net value will swell by another $2 bil. Another company, Markmore Sdn Bhd will undertake iron ore mining in the Yemeni governorate of Baidah but details are still sketchy. I will update his wealth estimate if the iron ore reserves is large enough to make a difference.
4) Naser Ismail
the owner of Solarin and founder of Denmark Solar Industry. These two firms are building a billion Rgt solar panel manufacturing plant complete with polysilicon production facilities. A manufacturing facility of this size will be producing ~$300 million in sales when fully operational. A fully integrated solar cell maker such as Renewable Energy Corp is usually valued at 10 times revenue. That means the joint venture between Solarin and DSI will be worth ~$4 billion if other assets are included. Exactly how many billion dollars Datuk Naser Ismail will be worth depends on his equity in DSI and Solarin’s stake in the joint venture. Right now the intrinsic value of his nearly completed factory could already make him a billionaire.
5) Hamidi Osman.
His main asset is City Credit Investment Bank. Financial figures for this private bank was never disclosed but it has 1,500 employees.
A typical Malaysian investment bank with that number of employees should be worth around US$1.5billion. If his other businesses are included, Dato Hamidi’s total assets could reach $2 bil.
6) SM Nasimuddin
Judging by last year’s sales volume, his automotive business should have registered revenue of ~4 billion ringgit. In Malaysia, a highly profitable car company is valued at roughly the same price as the revenue figure. Since Naza has been in talks to buy a 40% interest in Proton and is building a 1.2 billion Ringgit factory in Bertam, I can assume that Naza is a very profitable company awash in cash. Therefore the market value of Naza automotive divisions as well as TTDI Development and his hotels can be estimated at approximately $2 billion.
7) Harris Salleh
Has five teak plantations in Sabah with a total area of over 2,000 hectares. These estates are capable of generating roughly US$250 million in revenue and over US$100 million of net profit. If these plantations are listed in AIM London, it could be valued at $1.7 billion. Harris Salleh also owns almost 3,000 hectares of oil palm and around 1000 hectares of rattan, timber and herbs which can be worth over $100mil .
8) Azman Hashim
Direct stakes in AMMB, Aminvestment Group, RCE Capital, ECM Libra Avenue and AMDB are collectively worth $1 billion.
I have identified no less than half dozen Malay industrialists who will join these billionaires within two years either through organic growth of their existing businesses or upon the completion of their mega projects.
Please bear in mind that this thread was started for discussion purpose only. Names are mentioned here because someone believes that such persons are rich enough to qualify as a billionaire based on circumstantial evidences. I make no claim as to the validity of my estimates.
The scarcity of Malays on billionaire lists have been very misleading and out of touch with reality.
I think it is caused by 3 factors

a) Much (if not all) of their assets are still privately held
b) In contrast to ethnic Chinese billionaires who love to flaunt wealth, Malay billionaires prefer to keep a low profile. It’s the racial trait of Malays.
c) The tendency of publications to exclude Malay tycoons in their billionaire lists either by understating their wealth or by refusing to carry out market value estimates of Malay tycoons’ privately held corporations.

I must say, Forbes is the biggest culprit in misreporting the wealth of Malaysian billionaires.

Cases in point.
1)Yeoh Tiong Lay is not a billionaire but Forbes still insist on the inclusion of his sons’ shareholdings just so that he can make the cut.
2)Teh Hong Piow whose stakes in Public Bank and LPI Capital is valued at only $2.6 billion but declared to be $3.5 billion in their list.

The credibility of Malaysian-Business 40 richest Malaysians is also questionable because Azman Hashim’s wealth was reported to be only 656 mil rgt.

These are only a few examples of blatant prejudice against Malays by the people who compiled those lists. Not sure what exactly they are trying to prove but I think I know the word that best describes their state of mind.“Denial”