Monday, January 14, 2013


Yes. This is a very serious topic. Nowadays, the world have experience economic and political crises. Many people and families barely able to breath, eat, and survive for the next week. What happen to their lives? is it the government's fault? policy-makers? industrialists? or criminals?
think again.
if it is really their fault, why there is Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Oprah Winfrey? don't they suppose to be affected economically as well? THEY SUPPOSE TO BE POOR FINANCIALLY AS WELL.
i guess NOT
Yes. They are from the Billionaires Club  .....

 bling bling isn't it?
a very private club, security-backed by attorneys and CPA accountants. a dream world for everybody.

Next, MILLIONAIRES CLUB... still bling bling...
as general terms, this club of world's 10% population ever dreamed of
elite neighbourhood, special services and reservations.
YES. and the best of all is, we can join them too. I tell you how.

1st phase. responsibility of the parents even before the children are given birth. You can read it on link below.
why jews so smart? by Dr. stephen carr 

Yes, it is really crucial and most important phase. 

2nd phase. responsibility of the parents after the baby were born. Around 2 years old. I want to emphasize the 'iron claw rule which divide the ordinary from super human'. 10,000 HOURS rule. Every successful people like Warren Buffett, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan follow this magic rule. never escape this step. And this is the time when you have only ONE CHANCE IN A LIFETIME to decide your children future whether to be a doctor, investment banker, athlete, celebrity, scientist even CROCODILE HUNTER.
That's why i really, really recommend you to read this book.

A story about how Amy Chua, a Yale law professor raises her 2 cute little daughters and shapes them until they able to play musical concerto in the very prestigious, elite Carnegie Hall at a very young age.

and another book.

A very amazing book. One of the topics is about this very mystical 10,000 HOURS RULE!
Yes. no escape. If you too soft and weak with your children, then all your dream for them is gone. Because they will create their own new habits either playing video games or watching movies.

3rd phase.
start from age 6 to teenagers. Yes, a very good time for you to introduce your children about money world. If you want them to be millionaire. Unless you want them to be broke and helpless when they have retire which need money for high cost of medical care. What a shame. As I said. You decide.
if you agree with me, and ask how? this is the answer.
Yes. an all-time international bestseller list for 7 consecutive years!!! This is the story about a boy that has two fathers. rich father and poor father. and very amazing journey about how his rich father introduce him to world of money. Yes. knowledge of money which only the RICH AND AFFLUENT SOCIETY know and want to keep secret from ordinary people.
But, they still kid. So, how can you create a fun and effective way for them to play and learn? BOARD GAME!! Why?

Yes. Why playing game? because of simulating the real experience. It is like pilot training. they train using simulation machine. much better and high tech than Arcade Game. But, the concept is same. And they can save cost and people lives. Can you imagine how much damage financially for the company when the aeroplane crash with the pilot if they training in real life?

This is Cash flow 101 board game. If you have master it, you can go to Cash flow 202 board game.

This is MONOPOLY board game. I think many people recognize this game. 4 green houses = 1 red hotel.

4th phase. Age 20 years ++. When you have enough knowledge and experience, you know you are ready for the real world. To be the member of MILLIONAIRE club.
You must know the minds, characteristics of the RICH.
 this is what we called ESBI quadrant. The reality of the rich, middle class and poor. Do you want to be on the left side or right side of the triangle?

Book that i very, very recommend you to have.

This book is about research on 100,000 rich people in the USA. a very interesting yet bizarre. And most of all, if you want to be like them, you have to 'be' almost like them characteristically and the way of thinking.

 Yes. This is a very amazing book. How silent millionaires are found around us everyday. wear shorts, singlet, but drive Mercedes-Benz. Any job is not low class if it can give us $10,000 every month.

So, after that, you must know the basic principle to build your own business.

So, what you must do is read books of  RICH DAD ADVISORS SERIES. because the books tell completely about each segments whether cash flow, leadership or product. Written by experts on the fields, this is the link for more info,

Other books I really recommend.

As my final words. Remember. You are what you think you are. You are champion. You deserve to be club member of MILLIONAIRES and BILLIONAIRES club.