Tuesday, April 27, 2010

rise of highlanders : the judgment day

3 months flow like as fast as river goes.
it is time for the warrior to back. PENGKALAN HULU. sounds so memorable.
there are person that going there by 'transnasional', family, taxi, train, and other such mysterious ways.
10.00 am. crowd on the office. for what? to get the judgment.
every sweat for 1 and a half years is going to be judge. yes, without any announcement,
MRSM PENGKALAN HULU strive to get no. 5 in all MRSMs. a great start for a new school.
and, behold, all of the warriors cried happily and enjoy the festive with everyone including the honourable teachers...
hmm. yes, life is sweet isn't it. even we cannot predict what we gonna get.
only GOD knows best for every person HE created..
and that's the end of the story in sweet village of PENGKALAN HULU......


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