Monday, April 19, 2010


so awesome, so outrageous, so amazing, so wonderful.......
what am i thinking about?? am i crazy? am i mad?
NOT AT ALL. this is all reality...... pull stop......
hmmm. when all this started~

it started only early last year. i really admired business world (and of course $$$).
so, when i heard that 'they' controlled 70% of the world trades and business,
i was shock. so, i searched about them, i did all the research, reading books, articles..
then, all my bad instinct about them start vanishing, i start to admire them so much.
hmmm, now i give u the facts.

high school musical (ashley tisdale and zac efron)
american idol(paula abdul, elliot yamin and adam lambert)
spiderman(james franco, tobby mcguire)
maroon 5 (adam levine)
fall out boys
guns and roses
beastie boys
daniel radcliffe( harry potter)
shia labeouf( transformers)
nicolas cage( national treasure, ghost rider)
robert downey jr. ( iron man)
jake gyllenhaal (clash of the titans)
tom cruise (mission impossible)
george clooney (batman, ocean 13)
scarlett johannson (iron man 2)
adam sandler (click, the longest yard)
ben stiller (night at the museum)
natalie portman (starwars, v for vendetta)
ron perlman (hellboy)
harrison ford (star wars, indiana jones)

haha.... want more??
david beckham (footballer)
david blaine (street magic)
david copperfield (magic)
harry houdini (illusion magic)

companies? haha, this is more important~
technology: apple, oracle, google, amazon, ebay, facebook, dell, HP, IBM, MOTOROLA, NOKIA,
media: time, newsweek, forbes, new york times, news corp.
entertainment: disney, pixar, warner bros. 20th century fox, dolby digital, marvel, universal studios.
cars: ford, fiat, citroen
consumer: starbucks, dunkin donuts, haagen dasz, mcdonalds, coca-cola, burger king, nestle, danone, johnson n johnson, maggie, sara lee
fashion: LV, Tag heurer, GAP, ralph lauren, calvin klein, estee lauder, marc jacobs, DKNY, michael kors, loreal, revlon,
hotel: hilton, hyatt, sheraton, holiday inn

too much to figure out all their companies.........
(sebenarnya, saya juga mempunyai beberapa kawan yahudi, termasuk seorang pegawai politik ISRAEL)

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